Depending on the job, you may be able to do it yourself. It would be best to get professional advice prior to attemptong any sealing. Call Spirit Sealers & Cleaners on 02 9734 6937. We Can give you a step by step guide on how to get your job done right the first time.
That will depend on your existing sealer. Is it a penetrating (impregnating) sealer, or a topical coating? Topical, or surface coatings will usually have a glossy wet look and show traffic wearing. These types of sealers need stripping. If your floor has a natural appearance, it would be a penetrating sealer, in which case your floor just needs a good cleaning prior to re-sealing. No stripping is necessary.
The longevity of any sealer is dependent on where it has been used, what chemicals are used to clean the sealed area, and how often the area is cleaned As an example, a shower recess will need re-sealing on a more regular basis that the rest of the bathroom will.
The problem is excess sealer left to dry on the surface of the tiles. This is more common when sealing polished surfaces. If seen to within a day of sealing it is a relatively easy job. The longer it has been left, the more difficult it will be to remove. Contact Spirit Sealers & Cleaners on 02 9734 6937 for advice on how to remove excess the right way.
No. The lack or porosity in porcelain and ceramic tiles won’t allow the Uni Seal to bond to the surface. In time, the sealer will flake away and peel off.
No. Uni Seal is an acrylic coating that does not allow vapour transmission, meaning that the sealed surface can’t breath. Water gets trapped, creating a white cloudy appearance under the layer of sealer. It is called ‘blooming’. We do not recommend Uni Seal for areas that will see wet traffic, like in showers or around swimming pools due to the fact that Uni Seal becomes very slippery when wet.
Pre Sealing is only required when dealing with moisture sensitive stone or tile to protect it from staining during the layering process. Your tile or stone supplier should be able to let you know if you need to pre seal. If you are unsure call Spirit Sealers & Cleaners on 02 9734 6937. Pre Seal can also be used as a grout release for hard to grout stone, making grouting a breeze.
In general the answer is no. We don’t recommend pre sealing if you are using rapid set adhesives. Contact Spirit Sealers & Cleaners on 02 9734 9748 for further information on Pre Seal.
Regular cleaning with our Neutral Cleaner will keep your floor in great condition, it;s safe to use on all natural stone or tile. We recommend periodic cleaning with HDC to lift any built in soiling. The frequency will depend on how much traffic the areas sees. Each job is different, contact Spirit Sealers & Cleaners on 02 9734 6937 for advice.
Our Neutral Cleaner is the safest option, it will not damage your marble. Calcium based stones like marble or limestone. Acidic products should never be used to clean calcium based stones. Contact Spirit Sealers & Cleaners on 02 9734 6937.
A strong dilution of HDC will do the job. Wet the joints with the solution and leave for 5 mins. Scrub the joint with a scouring pad or bristle brush and for best results rinse with our Neutral Cleaner.
Bright As is the product you need. Dilute the Bright As and spread it over the affected area. Let if sit for 10-15 mins and then scrub the area clean. For best results we recommend a final rinse with our Neutral Cleaner.