Lead pencil is usually chemical resistant, so you will need to use an abrasive cleaner. Porcelain Crème will remove this type of staining. Put a little on a white cloth & rub over the required area until removed. If the crème becomes dry add a few drops of water.
Every 3 – 5 years for regularly used areas like bathrooms & kitchens. 8-10 years for general wall & floor areas. These times may vary depending on what types of cleaning chemicals are used & how often.
Pre sealing is required when a tile or stone is high in porosity or can suffer from water marking issues. This usually tiles that have 6% or more porosity. This information can be obtained from your supplier. It is also used as a grout release agent; this allows the tilers to work much faster and cleaner.
No. Spirit Pre-seal does not affect the adhesion qualities of a substrate. And tiles can be completely submerged in the Pre-Seal before being installed
Weekly cleaning with Spirit Neutral Cleaner will achieve good results with a periodic clean using Spirit HDC for built up or heavier soiling. Always sweep or vacuum first as this will remove any loose debris before mopping with a cleaning solution. For best results use clean water to rinse the floor after using the detergents.
Generally a light solution of Spirit Phosphoric Acid will do the trick. Always neutralise the acid with a solution of Neutral Cleaner after cleaning. However, if you have a Marble, Limestone or Travertine (any acid sensitive stone/tile) you will need to stay away from acid & use a combination of Neutral Cleaner + Porcelain Crème & scrub with a doodlebug or nylon scouring pad.
No. Porcelains & Vitrified tiles are very low in porosity so Uni Seal may not stick to these tile surfaces properly. If applied to these surfaces the sealer may peel off unevenly overtime.
Simply mix up Spirit ‘Bright As’ according to instructions in a bucket, spread liberally over area to be treated, allow 10 – 15 minutes for Bright As to take effect. Then hose away with plenty of water. Repeat if necessary.
Use Porcelain Crème in a circular overlapping motion with a nylon scourer or a white rag. If cream starts to become dry add a few drops of water. After using crème there will be residue that will need to be cleaned. This is done best with a wet mop and plenty of water.
Only a detergent that is ph neutral. Marble reacts badly to anything too acidic or alkaline. Recommended products are Neutral Cleaner, Rejuvenate or Porcelain Crème. All these products are ph neutral & very effective.
Sealing is a relatively easy project that can be achieved in a day or so (depending on the size of the area). It is best to obtain professional advice prior to attempting this for the first time. Call the Spirit Technical Advice line ph: (02) 9734 6937 to get step by step instructions on the process.
No. Uni Seal cannot be used in constantly wet areas. It is an acrylic coating that doesn’t allow surfaces to ‘breath’, so presence of excess moisture will cause the seal to bloom white (turn opaque). Surfaces that need to be sealed for wet areas require a penetrating seal such as Premium Seal.
The problem is excess sealer that has cured on the surface. This is usually quite simple to remove if it has only been a day after sealing. You do this by lightly scrubbing with neutral cleaner. If it has been days or even weeks after sealing then you will have a harder job. You will need to do a heavy scrub with a strong solution of HDC. If you have any problems contact the Spirit Technical Advice Line.
This depends on if your old sealer is a surface coating or a penetrating sealer. Surface coatings are usually glossy looking and show traffic wearing, they do require stripping. If the floor looks natural then it was probably a penetrating sealer and they do not need to be stripped, you just need to use clean the floor and reapply a new coat.
Grout can build up with soil very easily as it is the low point of the floor and most of your mopping will just skim over the top. Spirit HDC with a nylon scouring pad or stiff brush will be able to remove this build up of soil.