Sandstone is a stunning natural stone that adds beauty and elegance to any space. But proper sealing is essential to preserve its appearance and protect it from stains and damage. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the process of sealing sandstone and provide valuable maintenance tips. As experts in the stone and tile industry, Spirit Sealers offers a range of premium sealing and cleaning products designed specifically for sandstone.

Understanding Sandstone

Sandstone is a sedimentary rock composed mainly of sand-sized mineral particles or rock fragments. Its composition, primarily consisting of quartz, feldspar, and other minerals. It gives it a distinct appearance. However, sandstone is vulnerable to certain issues, such as moisture absorption, staining, and weathering. Sealing sandstone acts as a protective barrier against these potential problems.

Pre-Sealing Preparation

In certain environments, such as around saltwater pools or seaside residences, using Spirit Premium Consolidator is highly recommended for sandstone sealing. This consolidator can be applied through various methods such as spraying, brushing, microfibre applicator, or dip sealing for complete and total consolidation.

For other situations, Spirit Pre Seal serves as an excellent alternative, providing added water resistance and preventing salt buildup within the stone. Proper stacking, allowing airflow, and timely removal of excess sealer are crucial considerations during pre-sealing.

Initial Cleaning and Grout Haze Removal

After laying, grouting, and washing sandstone, it is common to encounter grout residue or haze. It is important to wait for 3-4 days for the grout to harden sufficiently before attempting to remove the haze in preparation for sealing. Protecting the area from other trades working nearby is advised during this timeframe. Utilizing Spirit Phosphoric Acid, Spirit Neutral Cleaner, Spirit Doodlebug, bucket, broom, and mop, you can effectively remove grout haze. Spirit Safe Acid can also be used, but acid sensitivity testing is recommended. Detailed step-by-step instructions ensure a thorough cleaning process.

Sealing Sandstone

Choosing the right sealer for sandstone is crucial to achieve optimal protection. Spirit Sealers offers a range of suitable products, including Spirit Premium Seal, Spirit NPS, and Spirit Water Based Premium Seal. Before application, testing the sealer on a spare piece of stone is recommended. Gathering the necessary materials, such as sealer, Spirit Microfibre Applicator, clean white rags, gloves, respirator, and solvent suitable tray (for solvent-based sealer only), ensures a smooth sealing process. Applying two coats of the sealer with the appropriate drying time between coats provides the best results.

Maintenance Guidelines

Regular cleaning using Spirit Neutral Cleaner is essential to keep the sandstone in pristine condition. Depending on the traffic and wear, periodic cleaning may be required every 6-12 months. Spirit HDC and Spirit Bright As are recommended for deeper cleaning and addressing specific cleaning needs. Understanding the appropriate cleaning solutions for different stains and marks allows for effective maintenance of the sandstone surface.

Re-Sealing Considerations

To ensure the long-term performance of the sealer, several factors should be considered. Using premium quality sealers, applying them properly, and avoiding common mistakes are crucial. Re-sealing frequency depends on the location and usage of the sandstone area. Commercial spaces with high traffic may require more frequent re-sealing than domestic areas. Proper floor maintenance with suitable cleaners is essential to protect the sandstone and maintain the effectiveness of the sealer.


Sealing sandstone is a vital step in preserving its natural beauty and protecting it from stains and damage. With Spirit Sealers’ range of premium sealing and cleaning products, you can achieve long-lasting results. By following the proper pre-sealing preparation