Depending on the job, you may be able to do it yourself. Before attempting to clean and or seal any surface it is advised to get professional advice from us here at Spirit. We will give you a step-by-step guide on how to get the job done right…the first time!

This will depend on the existing sealer. Is it a penetrating/impregnating sealer or a topical coating/surface sealer?
Penetrating sealers leave a natural look and require no stripping before re-sealing. The area will need a good clean prior to re-sealing. Be sure to allow the surface to dry completely before commencing sealing.
Topical coatings can be identified by a glossy finish or ‘wet look’ and will need to be stripped using our Spirit Safe Stripper.

Contact Spirit for a guide to strip your old sealer.


Please note: Weather conditions, pressure cleaning, harsh cleaning methods using high-
alkaline, acid or solvent-based cleaners will affect the long-term performance of any sealer.

Following the appropriate Spirit Guide relating to your substrate will ensure the very best
protection. The longevity of your sealer and the protection it provides is greatly dependant on
the following 4 points…

1. Using a premium quality sealer.
Spirit Sealers are all premium quality, high-performance sealers.

2. Proper application of the sealer. This includes the cleaning process prior to sealing.
Sealing a floor that hasn’t properly dried, sealing when it’s too hot or cold, not mopping up excess
sealer and not applying enough sealer are a few of the mistakes made.

3. Where the sealed area is? Is it a high traffic area?
Commercial areas that see more traffic and are cleaned daily will need re sealing before most
domestic areas; however, in domestic situations, outdoor areas, high traffic internal areas and
shower cubicles will likely need to be re-sealed more often. If in doubt contact Spirit Sealers.

4. How the floor is maintained?
Cleaning regularly with the wrong types of cleaners will break down the sealer prematurely and may
even do damage to your bluestone. The cleaners in this guide have been formulated especially for
the stone and tile industry.

Contact Spirit Sealers if you aren’t sure if your surface needs to be re-sealed.

This is a case of excess sealer drying on the surface, it is more common on honed or polished stone or tiles. Depending on if you’ve used a solvent-based sealer or a water-based sealer, the method will vary when it comes to removing it. If seen to within a day of sealing it is a relatively easy job.

Contact Spirit for advice on how to remove excess sealer.

In general, the answer is no. However, Spirit does not recommend pre-sealing the back of natural stone when using rapid set adhesives.

Contact Spirit Sealers for further information on pre-sealing

*When using friable natural stones around saltwater pools, in harsh salt water environments such as seaside residences, or in extremely cold climates we recommend using Spirit Premium Consolidator. Methods of application include spraying, brushing, microfibre applicator, and dip sealing for
complete and total consolidation. Contact Spirit Sealers for more information on stone consolidation.

If Spirit Premium Consolidator is not used in the above environments, we recommend using Spirit Pre Seal as an alternative prior to laying to provide added water resistance, helping to keep salts or ice from building within the pores of the stone.

Spirit Pre Seal is also excellent for use as a grout release for hard to grout surfaces and pointing on walls.
In shower cubicles, around swimming pools, or when using dark coloured grout on light coloured stone, we recommend at least the face and sides are pre-sealed. For total coverage, the stone can be dip-sealed covering all six sides of the stone with Spirit Pre Seal.

IMPORTANT! Do not stack the drying stone against each other with no air flow, stack them so they can breathe, and remove any excess sealer within 5 minutes.

Contact Spirit Sealers if you are unsure about pre-sealing.

Yes and no…Spirit does not advise pre sealing the face of bluestone with Spirit Pre Seal.

Contact Spirit for more information on pre sealing and the final sealing of bluestone.

Regular cleaning with Spirit Neutral Cleaner will keep your floors and walls in great condition. It is safe for use on any natural stone or man-made tile. If needed, periodic cleaning can be done with Spirit HDC or Spirit Bright As. With the wide variety of natural stone and tile available today, it is advised to call Spirit Sealers today for advice on the best way to maintain your floors and walls without damaging them.

More than likely, providing the surface has been maintained correctly, your sealer is still performing well and maintaining the stain resistance needed. Water beading is only temporary, and after time through foot traffic and general cleaning the beading will ease.

Don’t be so focused on the water beading, as impressive as it is, stain resistance is the reason for sealing a porous stone or tile.

Spirit Bright As is the perfect cleaner for the removal of organic staining. Dilute to the desired strength and spread over the affected area, letting it sit for 15-20 minutes before commencing scrubbing. For the best results it is recommended to rinse with Spirit Neutral Cleaner.

If you’ve used one of our solvent-based sealers, use methylated spirits. If you’ve used our water-based sealer, then simply wash them with clean water.

Spirit HDC will do the job. Simply wet the grout joints with a dilution of 1 part HDC to 10 parts water and allow the solution to sit for 3-5 mins before scrubbing with a firm bristled nylon brush. For heavily soiled grout joints a stronger dilution can be used. Rinse with Spirit Neutral Cleaner after you achieve the desired result. After cleaning grout joints in porcelain and ceramic tiles, allow the joints to dry completely and then seal them with Spirit Premium Grout Sealer.

For more information and cleaning tips, contact Spirit Sealers.